IMARADIO.NET is an internet Radio Station with a truly unique artist format that specializes in promoting, advertising and marketing Independent Music Artists / Bands via internet Radio broadcast, IMARADIO.NET website and a broad network visibility. IMARADIO.NET offers substantial Radio Airtime and strong promotional efforts to an exclusive 150 Independent Music Artists at any given time.

IMARADIO.NET is a new cutting-edge Internet Radio Format created by national Performer, Singer / Songwriter, recording artist and music DJ, ‘Andy Del’. Andy has the experience, passion, energy and enthusiasm for promoting select artists. As founder and managing Director of IMARADIO.NET, he completely understands the evolution and journey of an Independent Music Artist, as well as the sacrifices, struggles and high costs to create, record and market their musical creations while simultaneously trying to increase their fan and listener base. Andy maintains vast National and Global music relations, plus holds influence to propel and populate IMARADIO.NET audiences to a new listening level.

Our Passion is introducing new music to the masses, friends and anyone that wants to hear superb music. We love talking artists up like there’s no tomorrow and giving people insight into what they may not have a musical ear for. We believe we have a unique and artist friendly format which promotes a fluid and creative pathway for market expansion, presenting a great potential to increase your CD / download sales and expand your national fan base. And who knows who will be listening to such a station that's exclusively dedicated to such musical artistry, and available everywhere and anywhere you and your WiFi devices are!

If you're an Independent Music Artist /or Band that has a professionally recorded CD, we invite you to submit a link to your material for review via the Contact page. IMARADIO.NET would love the opportunity to listen to the heart of your music!

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